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283July 13, 2023Ocean EyeRodney AlkinsRodney AlkinsDisapproved
209September 30, 2022Livelihood Diversification Through Tourism: Identity, Well-being, and Potential in Rural Coastal CommunitiesAlbert Kimbu,Irma Booyens,Anke WinchenbachTourism Review InternationalAnke WinchenbachApproved
208September 30, 2022Constructing Identity in Marine Tourism DiversificationWinchenbach,A.,Hanna,P.,& Miller,G,Anke Winchenbach,Paul Hanna,Graham MillerAnnals of Tourism ResearchAnke WinchenbachApproved
195September 26, 2022Adventure for All: Adapting to Accessibility in Adventure TravelAdventure Travel Trade AssociationAdventure Travel Trade AssociationBethWright1Approved
194September 26, 2022Tourism Killed Thailand’s Most Famous Bay – Here’s How it was Brought Back to LifeJ. BanksCNN TravelBethWright1Approved
193September 26, 2022Calculate Your Travel Carbon FootprintSustainable Travel InternationalSustainable Travel InternationalBethWright1Approved
192September 26, 2022Climate Action Corps 2021 ProgressOutdoor Industry Association,Outdoor FoundationOutdoor Industry AssociationBethWright1Approved
191September 26, 2022Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry: Principles of Sustainable OperationsW. Legrand,J. Chen,G. LaeisRoutledgeBethWright1Approved
190September 26, 2022Blue Bonds: An Audacious Plan to Save the World’s OceanThe Nature ConservancyThe Nature ConservancyBethWright1Approved
189September 26, 2022The State of the World’s Mangroves 2022M. Leal,M. SpaldingGlobal Mangrove AllianceBethWright1Approved
188September 26, 2022Journal of Tourism Futures – Special Issues: Transformation and the Regenerative Future of TourismI. Ateljevic,P. Sheldon,Dredge,Nandasena et al,Cave et al,Bellato et al,Mathisen et al,Tomassini & Cavagnaro,Fuste-Forne & Hussain,Boluk & Panse,Luton & Samy,Nitsch & Vogels,Bhalla & Chowdhary,Moron-Corujeira,Martins & SantosJournal of Tourism FuturesBethWright1Approved
186September 25, 2022Climate-Informed Marine Spatial Planning: Supporting Mitigation and ResiliencePROBLUE,World Bank GroupPROBLUE,World Bank GroupBethWright1Approved
185September 25, 2022Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Marine Spatial Planning : Supporting Biodiversity and Healthy Ecosystem Services in Oceans and CoastsWorld Bank GroupWorld Bank GroupBethWright1Approved
184September 25, 2022Genre, Personnes Marginalisées et Planification Spatiale Marine : Améliorer les Moyens de Subsistance, Aider à l’Autonomisation des Segments Marginalisés, Combler le Fossé des Inégalités (French)Castano Isaza, Juliana Fremstad, Johanne Nordby Alder, Jacqueline Diez, Sylvia MichelePROBLUE,World Bank GroupBethWright1Approved
183September 25, 2022Gênero, Pessoas Marginalizadas e Planejamento do Espaço Marinho : Melhorar os Meios de Subsistência, Empoderar Grupos Marginalizados, Reduzir a Lacuna de Desigualdade (Portuguese)Castano Isaza; Juliana Fremstad; Johanne Nordby Alder; Jacqueline Diez; Sylvia MichelePROBLUE,World Bank GroupBethWright1Approved
182September 25, 2022Gender, Marginalized People, and Marine Spatial Planning : Improve Livelihoods, Empower Marginalized Groups, Bridge the Inequality Gap (English)Castano Isaza; Juliana Fremstad; Johanne Nordby Alder; Jacqueline Diez; Sylvia MichelePROBLUE,World Bank GroupBethWright1Approved
177September 24, 2022Blue Economy Data and ToolsSimone Lee; Juliana Castaño-IsazaWorld Bank GroupBethWright1Approved
176September 24, 2022Applying Economic Analysis to Marine Spatial PlanningFrancisco Alpízar; Róger Madrigal; Juliana Castaño-IsazaWorld Bank GroupBethWright1Approved
175September 24, 2022Marine Spatial Planning for a Resilient and Inclusive Blue Economy : Key Considerations to Formulate and Implement Marine Spatial PlanningAlder, Jacqueline; Castaño-Isaza, JulianaWorld Bank GroupBethWright1Approved
174September 22, 2022Expecting the Unexpected: Tools and Policy Considerations to Support the Recovery and Resilience of the Tourism SectorWorld Bank GroupWorld Bank GroupBethWright1Approved
173September 21, 2022Optimal Value Framework for DestinationsTravel Foundation,The Travel FoundationThe Travel Foundation,Travel FoundationamandareiserApproved
172September 20, 2022Eden Reforestation ProjectsIntrepid,Intrepid TravelIntrepid,Intrepid TravelamandareiserApproved
171September 20, 2022Blue Carbon LabIntrepid Travel,IntrepidIntrepid,Intrepid TravelamandareiserApproved
170September 20, 2022Iberostar’s Roadmap to Improving Ocean and Coastal Health 2022–2030IberostarIberostaramandareiserApproved
169September 20, 2022Nature-Based Tourism Tools and Resources CollectionGlobal Wildlife Program,World Bank GroupBethWright1Approved
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